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Advanced Facials

Skin Consultation

$150  –  60 min

This is the most important step to achieving the skin you deserve.

Meet with our Dermal Therapist to discuss your skin concerns and evaluate how your skincare history, lifestyle and hormones might be restricting you from reaching your skin goals. We will begin by cleansing your skin to ensure a thorough examination, we will then discuss how certain ingredients within products can assist in restoring and maintaining the health of your skin, and then tailor an in-salon program and homecare routine to help you reach your skin goals.

* The cost of the consultation is redeemable on skincare products purchased on the day.

Medi Facial

$260  –  70 min

Skin and skincare is not an exact science, and as your skin needs are constantly changing…please place your trust in me and relax into this bespoke facial which i have been designed to become your go-to monthly or bi-monthly skin treatment.

Your skin will be introduced to active skincare whilst also experiencing the traditional benefits of a relaxing 70 minute long treatment filled with soothing massage. Tailored skincare which will deeply exfoliate, hydrate and infuse key ingredients specific to your skin concerns and current skin condition. Your skin will also be introduced to the stimulating and healing benefits of LED, laser line tracing can be performed to help reduce unwanted deep facial lines, one of many available peels or masks can also be applied. Sonophoresis will be performed to create a deeper penetration of serums.

Whether its firming and tightening your skin or reducing unwanted pigmentation or acne, this treatment is suitable for all skin types including sensitive and reactive skins as it can be tailored to fit anybody.

Hydration PLUS Facial

$190  – 60min

If you are seeking dewy, plump hydrated skin with strengthening ingredients which will help rebuild and repair your skin, PLUS a super relaxing 20 min décolletage and arm massage this treatment is it.

Hyaluronic Acid holds 1000 times its weight in water and peptides are amino acids which are needed by our skin to encourage the creation of collagen and elastin, using electrical charges of opposite polarity, the hyaluronic serum will be delivered deeper into the skin.

We have also included an LED session for the ultimate skin treat!

Deep Cleansing Facial

$170 – 50min

We will give your skin a thorough cleanse and exfoliation using an ultrasonic device designed to gently exfoliate your skin without scratching the epidermal surface, following this a mini AHA peel or oxygen mask will be applied to encouraging the dead layers to lift away and reduce surface bacteria. Extractions will be performed if necessary then vitamin B and hyaluronic acid will be infused to ensure your skin is hydrated, protected and functioning properly.