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Skin Peels

As we age, our surface skin cells turnover rate slows steadily. I believe peels are an essential part of our skin routine and encourage my clients to make them a monthly staple.

Peels are performed to address skin concerns ranging from rough, dull, lifeless skin to sun damaged, ageing, hyperpigmentation, congestion and oily problem skin. When used in conjunction with a prescribed homecare regime, peels are extremely effective when performed as a course of treatments.
To guarantee you get the results you are looking for, prior to any clinical peel i will thoroughly assess your skin and consult with you as to the results you wish to achieve and recommend which peel or peels will have the most benefit and ensure your desired result.

Pigment Corrector Peel

$99  –  30 min

A potent anti-oxidant peel with a combination of encapsulated vitamin A and chirally correct Vitamin C that will resurface the skin, reduce pigmentation, fine line, wrinkles and acne. It is also an exceptional treatment for ‘sensitive’ skin.

Peeling is not usual after this treatment but may occur for some, you may experience some flaking after a few days and can last for 3/4 days.

Tick all the boxes Peel

$99  –  30 min

This is called ‘Tick all the boxes’ due to it containing a combination of 2 stable AHA molecules which will exfoliate the skin to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion, along with treating acne, acne scarring and hyper-pigmentation including melasma.

This peel can also be applied in layers for a deeper treatment

Resurfacing Deep Sea Peel

$170  –  60 min

This non-acid peel works via the mechanical action of massaging natural plant sea herbs into the skin which sets in motion a cascade of chemical responses resulting in significant cell turnover creating a smoother, denser and more hydrated skin as well as reducing the appearance of superficial pigmentation. This treatment is a great option for melasma pigmentation which may not be treated with laser.

There is a little down time after this treatment and most experience peeling for a short period, and a follow up Express LED one week after initial treatment is included.

Porcelain Skin Peel

$110  –  40 min

Would you like a clear, even-toned complexion ?

Treat your skin to a triple action serum which contains a power pack of ingredients including 20% lactic acid, 10% niacinamide (vit b) and 10% lana blue  ( retinol mimicking ingredient) Combining these ingredients will reduce fine lines, pore size and also reduce epidermal pigmentation. This is also an excellent treatment to help reduce acne.

* Skin does need to be prepped with Aspect Retinol Brulee