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Bespoke Laser Treatments

Anti-Ageing IPL Facial

$260 – 80min

IPL laser treatments restore your skin by delivering wavelengths of light which induce a response in the skin which stimulates the deep age defying cells within the dermis. This helps reduce finelines, wrinkles, redness, pigmentation and acne.

All our best modalities to combined to create a treatment to give you your best skin.

Beginning with an AHA acid exfoliation, encourage new collagen with photo rejuvenation, follow with an infusion of a peptide rich hydrating gel mask and increase circulation with an LED session. AND…..keeping it traditional, some extra pampering is included with an arm and shoulder massage using ingredients that will exfoliate and nourish your skin with AHA’s and Vitamin A oils

Don’t book this treatment!
If you do, it will be your go to every time for healthy skin!

Carbon Laser Exfoliation

$180  – 40min    

Or add to any Facial $75

Achieve radiant glowing skin!

This non-invasive treatment is the answer, it will tighten pores, reduce scars, acne, congestion, millia, pigmentation and wri nkles.

Firstly carbon is applied to the skin and is absorbed by the pores, a q-switch laser is used to shatter the carbon along with the skins surface layers leaving a smooth flawless finish, the ultimate exfoliation.

Express IPL Skin Refresh

$130 – 30min

Ultraviolet radiation is responsible for the sunspots and freckles that appear on the surface of our skin, along with the degradation of our collagen and increase of defused redness.  IPL can selectively target all these conditions.

This express session was created to ensure corrective skin treatments are accessible for the time poor and budget conscious. And to introduce clients to the amazing benefits of using medical grade machines to encourage a healthier skin.

Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated and treated with IPL with the specific settings required to correct your main skin concern. Monthly sessions are required to reach your goal, then maintenance sessions every 3 months are suggested to maintain your refreshed complexion.

Pigment and Rejuvenation Laser Treatment

$290 Full Treatment   – 70min

$180 Refresh Treatment – 40min

Ageing and excess pigment is a common concern as we age, our q-switch laser machine uses a precise wavelength which can target the the deeper laying pigment and collagen producing cells with our skin.

Results include reducing wrinkles and fine lines, enlarged pores, acne scars, aiding in reducing melasma and over all uneven skin tone.

You will benefit with each and every laser treatment, but a little course and on going yearly maintenance will have your skin looking clear and youthful.

This treatment will begin with a thorough cleanse and enzyme exfoliation, and also include a hot oil massage and hydrating mask. The perfect mix of relaxation and regeneration.

Or….if you are time poor, or heading towards a skin goal….the express verson for just $180

Genesis Cosjet Laser Facial

$320 Deluxe Treatment   – 90min

$220 Refresh Treatment – 50min (minus massage and mask)

The most relaxing treatment to restore thickness and plumpness to your skin. Lay back and settle in to a journey which will deeply clean, gently exfoliate, stimulate collagen production by gently heating your skin to 42 degrees using a laser, then finishing with a peptide sheet mask to infuse moisture whilst massage will have you drifting off. BLISS!

Chest & Hand Rejuvenation

$260 Chest & Neck 

$99 Hands

Stop what you are doing right now and look at your hands and your chest!

They show our age before most other areas on our bodies as they are commonly exposed to the environment, so why not take care of them.

IPL laser can regenerate collagen to make them appear more plump and hydrated and can reduce pigment sitting on the skin surface to make the skin tone look more even. This is a super popular treatment that can be added to any other treatment or done on its own.