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Rejuvenate your skin for a more youthful glow.

LED is a non-invasive treatment that promotes cellular metabolism which can lead to the improvement of circulation, reduction of pigmentation, acne and help prevent premature ageing by encouraging healing within the skin & body. This is achieved by utilising different wavelengths of light to encourage & support  different functions within the skin & can benefit all skin types.

Enjoy this treatment on its own or as an add-on to a facial or AHA peel.

LED Express Facial

$55  –  40 min

The power of LED is undeniable, and regular sessions can restore and maintain your skin.

The express LED session was created because we wanted quick affordable sessions for our clients.
This treatment is perfect for the time poor who also wants a little pampering or the person that wants to make LED a weekly or bi-weekly habit…

Included in this power packed session is a double cleanse, exfoliation, skin type appropriate serums and moisturiser application.

LED light therapy delivers light energy to the tissues within the body which energises the production of new proteins and helps regenerate the production of new healthy cells. This will in turn help the body to reduce internal inflammation, muscle and joint stiffness, will increase circulation to encourage wound healing, skin thickness and pain relief.

An LED session can also be added to most of your favourite facials


Add an LED to your favourite BB facial